We nurture, teach and build for a stronger tomorrow.

 Our Programs

Hours of Operation

                     Monday-Friday 11 A.M.-6 P.M.                  

(school calendar year)

For Parents

Coping Skills Toward Environmental Stress

Brain Development Forums

Participation Incentives 

For Children

“Hold My Hand” Reading Program

Guided reading support

Homework Assistance

Reading Kingdoms will be open to adults and students within the community. 


The facts based on neuroscience. bullseye
• The first five years matter and last a lifetime
• Good nutrition, health, and exercise are critical
• Children are born ready to learn
• The best learning happens in nurturing relationships 
• The brain develops through use
• Children’s well-being is critical to brain development and learning
• Children learn through being engaged and doing
• Children learn from watching and copying
• Children’s self-control is critical for learning, responsibility and relationships
• Children learn language by listening to it and using it
• Children are born ready to use and learn mathematics

Authored by Pam Winter, Ph.D., Early Childhood Services, Department of Education and Children’s Services,

Mission Statement

Reading Kingdoms will create a homelike environment in the vicinity of struggling schools, for children to read/read with support.  It will sensitize parents and caregivers about the critical nature of brain development and the destructive effects of toxic stress. Reading Kingdoms will promote building healthy brains for success in school and beyond.


Reading Kingdoms will Nurture, Teach and Build to transform communities.